Official Seal Maker


Romance Novel Yourself - hahahaha!!

Expense-A-Steak - print out receipts for your expense account. Not that you'd really do that. - (thanks, RW)

Mag My Pic - upload your own photo and make a magazine cover

Trek Yourself - make yourself into a Star Trek character

Build Your Own Wild Self

Put Your Face In A Hole

Become A Virtual Border Sheriff! - sign up and help watch for crimes

Communicate Stuff

My Directorial Debut And Gary's And Yours

Make Your Own Demotivational Poster

Make Your Own Windows Error Message

- be sure to check the gallery, too

Make Your Own Highway Sign

Make Your Own Warning Sign - use the catalogs, print out

Warning Label Generator

Make Your Own Chinese Restaurant Sign

For Dummies Generator

Make A Penguin Message! - he slides in the snow.

Make Your Own Office Sign

Make Your Own Message With Tinkle

Make An Average Face

Job Title Generator

Muglets - upload your own picture So cute! - (thanks, L)

Sorry Gotta Go - brilliant! I like the "Deposit 25-cents" one




Museum of Lost Wonder

A Life-Sized Blue Whale

Interactive: Amautab

The Way Of The Sheep - goes way down, v creepy

Take A Soothing Trip Through The Mountains


Take A Shark Break

 Ice Flow

Interactive Art: The Zoom Quilt - move cursor all the way to the left to call up the slidebar. Adjust to speed up or slow down. Move right to see whole image. V cool.

Make Yourself A Mummy







Interactive Fun


The Virtual Piano

 Animal Mix-Ups

Incredibox - drag and drop an icon on the character. Click him to disable.


Virtual Keyboard - and other modes

Gombinoscope - hahahaha!!! Click all the buttons and names to change the dude. Oh, and click Aleatoire, too.

Aw, He's Sleeping. Don't Push The Button

Interactive Toy: Fisheye - click and move

Animal Splicer - hahaha!

Change Hillary - hahaha!

Virtual Hip Replacement

Please Touch Me - and drag

Bouncy Lady - all the people drag

Follow The Bottom Line - hahaha!

Freestyle Walker

MAD Magazine Fold-Ins - hahahaha! Clever.

Monty Python's Silly Walk Generator - hahaha! Make your own funny walk.

Monoface - hahaha! Click around and change somebody.

Tell This Yorkie To Do A Trick

 Drive This Denison Guy Insane

Subservient Chicken - Hahahaha! Just type in a command, chicken obeys - (thanks, G)

Dress Up Steve Jobs- hahaha!

Square Up Your Squirrel

Click My Face

Work This Flying Saucer Or Satellite Thingy

Interactive: Wax David Hasselhoff

Tease Titus

The Face

Cursor Over The Poor Bears

Peculiar And Addictive Interactive Head - find a way to feed him

I Like You

Virtual Mom - click the button for instant guilt

Make A Freaky Frank

What Granddad Tells You To Do

BML Walker - lines make it easier to see

Stripes - drag the stripes over the image below

Create Your Own "Continuum Of Cute"

It's A Illusion - click anywhere

Wild Mood Swings - choose a mood and be whisked away!

Lots Of Fun Here - I liked Psycho Pong



Interactive: Analyze Your Handwriting - amusing

Anonymous Message Server - leave a message for someone who comes after you. Get a message in return.

Name Wizard - wow, this is interesting. Type in a name at top and see its ranking

Interactive: Just Letters - wrestle letters from people all over the world and try to make a word.



Numbers Guesser

Interactive: Quantum Fortune Cookie - the red writing is your fortune

Planet Perplex - astounding images + illusions

Universal Decision Maker

20 Questions

Tarot, I-Ching, Runes and Another Tarot

Dionne Warwick's Cosmic Peephole - haha!

Instant Tarot Reading

Calculate Your Biorhythm

Chinese Horoscope

The Akinator - stump the Genie with a real or fictional character- he's good, but I stumped him

Guess Your Number - ! - (thanks, FS)



What's That From?

What Did They Almost Call It?

Did They Win An Oscar?

 Who Painted This, An Artist Or An Ape?

What Is Your Worldview? - thoughtful quiz. I am an Idealist

Know Everything? Take This Quiz - no tricky answers here, just oddities - (thanks, MRD)

Can You Pass The National Drivers' Test?

Redneck Engineering Exam

Which Star Trek Character Are You?

Reincarnation Station

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Citizen? - take the test

Which Sportscar Are You?

 A Serious Personality Survey

World's Shortest Personality Test

Draw A Pig - Pretty accurate.

Where To Tinkle - it was determined that I am not male

America Gets An "F" In Religion - good quiz.

What Tree Are You?

Quiz: What's Your Yankee Quotient?

How Normal Are You? - 45%

Where Does Your Name Rank? - Yaay! I'm # 814

Quiz: What Book Are You? - Six questions. I was I, Robot

Test Your Senses plus more "Interactive Body"

Fun Birthday Facts -enter your date - (thanks, ML)

Are You Left Or Right-Brained?

Quiz: Programming Code Inventor Or Serial Killer? - Haha! I got 10/10. - Cool. - (thanks, RW)

What Famous Leader Are You?

Can You Spot The Fake Smiles?

How Are Your Manners?

Are You An Intellectual?

Which Firearm Are You?

What Kind Of Thinker Are You?

Sort People By Their Races

Music Preference Personality Test

Death By Caffeine

Which Disney Character Are You? - password: WALT (thanks, ML)

What Was A Hit Song The Day You Were Born?

80's Lyrics Quiz

How Rich Are You?

Identify A Penny

All The Actors We've Loved - how many can you name?




Kids In Mind, That Gives You A Real Answer

Rotten Tomatoes


IMDB- Earth's biggest movie database

TV Guide Movies - theaters, DVDs, TV

The Movieweb

Great Movie Review Database - just type in the name to get reviews


So You Call Yourself A Movie Buff? Take The Test

Quiz: Movie Title Alphabet  - type in the name of the movie these letters came from

Which Classic Movie Are You? - I was Apocalyse Now

Think You Know Movies?

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