Carrie Watkins Cookbook - she started collecting them in the 1860's

Recipe Source - A huge collection of every kind of recipe

Mimi's Cyberkitchen - Another HUGE collection

The Recipe Archive - Not a beautiful site, but a great collection

All Recipes - A fun site to browse for ideas

Search For Recipe By Ingredient

The Great Family Cookbook Project - pass your recipes on

Deep And Wonderful Recipe Site

Foodieview - the recipe search engine

Epicurious - for people who love to eat

The Circle Of International Cooking - Wow. An amazing collection of recipes to try.

Mock Duck, A Selection Of Thrift-Store Cookbooks - hahaha! Tons of odd recipes

Peggy's Antiquated Recipes - These are fascinating, and some sound quite good. I like the description of Oyster Toast, in which one of the ingredients is a "suspicion" of nutmeg. :-)


Easy Thai Food Recipes

Thai Cooking - click on "Recipes" link at top

Foodspk - all kinds of ethnic and other recipes. Too cool.

Texas Cooking

5 Ingredient Recipes

Pepper Fool - pepper recipes

Review Of Hot Sauces plus Make Your Own - my passion

Chile Pepper Madness - The Chili Head

Beautiful Soups

 Great Appetizers

Carmelized French Onion Dip

Just Slow Cooking

Great Vegetarian Recipes - Lots of Chinese goodies!

The Secrets To Making Great Beans

How To Make Corndogs

Make Yourself A Big Mac

Glorious Tamales

More Tamales

How To Make Puff Tacos

How To Make Fabulous Pizza

Bookmark this page for when you entertain. Great dips and appetizer recipes!

The Grilled Cheese Manifesto - Oh, man...

Stir Fried - hahaha!! 

How To Cook Corn

How To Grill Chicken

On Making Perfect Scrambled Eggs

The Shake Shack Burger Recipe

The Definitive Guide To All Kinds Of Burgers




The Joy Of Cakes

Cakes Cakes Cakes

Surely This Page Will Get You In The Mood To Bake!

Gorgeous Russian Cake Art

Rose Levy Berenbaum, Author Of The Cake Bible, Has A Blog - will answer questions

The Secrets To Great Chocolate Chip Cookies

All Homemade Cookies Plus 3,000 More


All Cupcakes, All The Time

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Baking

Mike's Amazing Cakes

Some Interesting Cookie Recipes

The Art Of Cookie Dough

The 50 Best Dessert Recipes

The 50 Best Chocolate Desserts

About Girl Scout Cookies

 Cake Wrecks - hahahahahaha!!!! Lots of 'em. Don't miss the commentary And More Horribly Wrong Professional Cakes - hahaha!!

Another Special Birthday Cake

Could You Eat These Cakes?

Online Cooking Conversion

Zombie Wedding Cake



OpenCola - open source cola recipe

How To Make Yourself Some Cheapo Wine

Recipe: Tootsie Roll Martinis

Skittles Vodka

Caffeine Contents of Bottled Drinks

Hooch It Up At Home



Sugarbabies - marzipan

Chocolate Milkshakes! - mmmm (great recipes)

Kid- Friendly Sushi

The Coolest Treat EVER! - Dexter Slide Lollipops



Dallas Restaurant Guide

The Dallas Tortilla and Tamale Factory- Lewisville

Dallas Food - great site!!!!!!!

What Are The Best Restaurants In Dallas?

Today's Specials - hahahahaha!

Waiter Rant - Warning: A few very bad words.

The Stained Apron - tales from food servers. Some bad words.

"This Is Why You're Fat"

USA Mexican Food Locator





Cancer Cure?

Breath Test Able To Spot Lung Cancer - "A BREATH test using coloured dots can show whether a patient has lung cancer, even in the early stages of the disease" - (thanks, FS)

Eat The Curry

Does It Kill Or Cure Cancer?

Detox With These 10 Foods


Omega Fats Are REALLY Important! Plus What's Wrong With Hydrogenated Oils? (book to order)

Crisco Reformulates Its Products

Don't Forget To Floss Your Arteries - "...a dentist can actually be the first line of defense in reducing the risk for many of the most deadly diseases." - (thanks, FS)

What IS HDL And LDL?

Plus What's Normal For Women?

The Truth About Fats - Long article, but it will rock your world.  


Compare 2 Foods

All Sorts Of Food Pyramids - (thanks, C)

Which Items To Buy Organic - (thanks, L)

The World's Healthiest Foods

Nutrition - wow, lots of info here - huge database

Mighty Foods - I spent a long time here

Best (Worst) Foods - automatic slideshow

Fake Food Horrors

Some Very Surprising Stuff You're Eating - in mass-produced food


Tufts U. Health And Nutrition Letter

Fast Food Nutrition Facts Plus Recommendations

Nutrition Info About Your Favorite Restaurant Foods







Avoid The Coffeepot - "'I know enough now that whenever I go to a hotel, regardless of how nice it is, I'll never use a coffee pot,' said Marshall County District Attorney Steve Marshall."

Slashfood - a fun site full of articles and dish on food

Rat Cheese

Are Figs Really Full Of Baby Wasps?



Human Skin Harbors Completely Unknown Bacteria

Probiotics: Your Gut's Love Affair With Bacteria

You Are Bacteria

Antibacterial Soap Danger - for reals

Guess What - You Need That Appendix After All


How To Recharge Your Towels With Baking Soda And Vinegar



Become Dentally Self-Sufficient

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